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Apr 9
New Tumblr design in progress

New Tumblr design in progress

Why iPad’s aren’t deployed in schools as much as they could be

Over the past few days, I have been working with a school network IT administrator to learn a bit more about the Windows Server platform and the most efficient ways to deploy it network wide. We got onto the topic of the use of iPad’s in the classroom and we both had some similar ideas.

The iPad is a device that is designed and marketed more towards the individual user, instead of a multi-user environments. This is a problem in these kind of environments because it is difficult to localize a user to a specific device dynamically and monitor their usage (e.g. websites they visit) and synchronize their data between devices (e.g. in app content such as documents).

This is where I believe Windows 8 based tablets could take the market. They should just slot into most schools existing networks by just connecting to the domain that is already configured. I can’t see Apple being able to do anything like this without bringing out a large update for iOS to support logins on devices.

The tool, Apple Configurator, was released recently and allows you to connect iOS devices to it and control them centrally. The profiles that you can create are similar to domain policies on Windows, where you can set the restrictions that each group has (e.g. limiting access to install new applications).

The tool offers you an ability to assign certain devices to users. While this may work (I haven’t tried it out yet), I think that Apple had the idea that each user would have their own device and I’m sure that the majority of schools IT budgets won’t stretch far enough for this. Unless Apple added some sort of feature to make it easy to switch which user is assigned to each device, it seems quite a pain for the administrator to have to open up Apple Configurator utility every time the devices change hands (and in a school environment, this can be many times a day).

Apple Configurator seems like a first step to making iPad’s (and other iOS devices) easier to deploy in a school environment but without some form of domain login, I can see a chance of Windows 8 devices becoming more popular.

Feb 7

Moved Tumblr URL

I just moved my Tumblr to http://blog.edgy.me.uk/.

Apr 5

Some of my Minecraft Creations

I build quite a lot of stuff on Minecraft. It’s a game where you go around, find resources in the world and then see what you can make with them. So far the things I have built aren’t too impressive but I’m hoping to make some awesome stuff soon. Below are some screenshots of the things I’ve built so far.

My Minecraft Home

It’s kept nice and simple. Through the door you see on the left is my room of chests to store items that I don’t have room for in my inventory.

Boat House

This was built for a place to store boats next to the lake without them drifting away. As you can see from the inside image, there are all the tools required to produce new boats if needed.

Indoor Forest

Trees are really important on Minecraft as they produce wood which can be used for a wide range of things. I found that when growing trees on the game they tend to go massive and become very difficult to cut down, so I built a indoor forest.

Facebook Hits 500 Million Users

It’s now official. Facebook has hit 500 million global active users. Facebook has done very well for itself. It started out as a small service and now it has hit over 500 million users. The site is also doing excellent being the 2nd most visited site on the web (according to http://www.alexa.com/topsites).

Other developers aren’t left behind. Facebook has a big number of applications that have been developed by them and also other developers. The application API’s stretch across a number of languages and platforms. The most popular being PHP which is what the core of Facebook is coded in.

If you haven’t tried Facebook yet then you should check it out.

I’m New!

Hey there all, I’ve just setup my Tumblr account and I plan to post anything I find interesting and want to share with you onto it.

If you have any ideas of what kind of things you want me to write short posts about then please let me know. You can @edgy360 on Twitter or contact me through Tumblr.

Lets hope that my new account will get some good posts. :)